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Teachers and students are invited to be part of the development of Cyber STEM Academy

The first prototype of Cyber STEM Academy is available online. This prototype has been created with activities for grades 5 and 6. A cyber school can be created for you with laboratories to support (1) Scientific / engineering process, (2) Heat transfer and measuring, (3) Robotics and elementary programming, and (4) Oceanography. Your personal cyber school also has a gymnasium and auditorium to experiment with physical sciences and acoustics.

There is no obligation at all to have your own cyber school. You will only be contacted once in order to send you a username and password. Immersive 3D would like to make the development of Cyber STEM Academy open to the input and suggestions of the teaching community. We welcome your suggestions as we continue to develop this unique learning environment for teachers and students. Click on the Cyber STEM Academy shield on the right to get started...